Terrorist attacks in Singapore?

More people were killed or injured by terrorists in the 1950s than in any other period in Singapore’s history.

Communist terrorists in Singapore and Malaysia.

One red, one white; one Chinese-educated, one schooled in English. Were they never meant to be?

Hero vs villain. Good vs evil. So simple?

Parent, child, friction – we’ve all been there.

The Age of Terror is online!

Creator Dom Ow explains why and how he started on The Age of Terror project

ISIS, 1950s communists – anything in common? Director Dom Ow gives his take.

​The Age of Terror is “inspired by true events”. Director Dom explains what that means.

Have you watched The Age of Terror yet? In this short commentary, Director Dom dissects the spine of the story.

Veteran screenwriter Koh Teng Liang shares his thoughts on stories from the 50s.

​Have you ever met someone from the Special Branch? One of the oldest surviving officers of the force recalls how the communists started in Singapore.

​The communists shot at point blank range. That’s how they were instructed, so they wouldn’t miss. But miss, some did – fortunately. A survivor’s tale…

​SPOILER ALERT!!! We shot two endings. Same dialogue. Amazing how one action can influence the entire story.

Is it just to detain a suspect without trial? That question is still hotly debated today in the modern era of terrorism. The Age of Terror touches on this issue.

​A mother of three murdered. This is one of the communist killings depicted in the series, The Age of Terror. Here are the facts.

​The Age of Terror series is inspired in part by the history of this gun and the communist terror squad known as E Branch that used the weapon with brutal lethality. This video recounts a few of the attacks.

Where did communist attacks take place? Near where you live or frequent today?

Famous landmarks where communist terrorists murdered people in…Where does the communist terror trail take us today?

​In this video, the communist terror trail of the 50s takes us to the areas in the south that fringe the city centre.